Young girl learns to swim Young girls wait for their turn to learn to swim Young boy learns to float on his back Stop drowning by teaching children to swim young girls and boys are passionate about learning to swim


  • To save lives by preventing drowning.
  • To empower individuals through sports training programs.
  • to uplift communities through our volunteer program that works within our sports programs as well as other current health and education issues.


  1. Training Coaches: Certifying schoolteachers to become swimming instructors. This empowers the teachers with new knowledge and the benefit of possibly earning extra income.
  2. Learn-to-swim: Newly trained instructors teach their schoolchildren how to swim correctly. This further motivates the children by spurring their physical and mental development.
  3. Ambassador program: This is an awareness campaign to promote water-safety and drowning prevention programs, as well as current health and education issues. Young adults can volunteer to become Kirsty Coventry Ambassadors, and assist with water-safety and drowning prevention projects.


Saving Lives, Empowering Individuals, Uplifting Communities

In 2013, Kirsty visited the 10 provinces of her home country of Zimbabwe with two main objectives. Firstly, she wanted to give motivational talks to schoolchildren and “Inspire Youth to become their own Heroes”. Her second mission was to find out where and how she could make a long-term impact on young lives by drawing on her experience as an Olympic swimmer and globally recognized athlete. 

Kirsty soon discovered that many lives are lost every year in Zimbabwe through drowning. According to reports, the number of drowning incidents in Zimbabwe have been increasing year on year. Sadly, Kirsty found that there was no strategy or program in place to tackle the issue.

In 2015, she established the Kirsty Coventry Academy, with the guiding mission of addressing the drowning problem in Zimbabwe. Through various sporting and education campaigns and programs, her Zimbabwean non-profit organization seeks to not only save lives, but to empower individuals and nurture their big hopes and dreams.


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