We're spreading swimming around Africa!

For too long, swimming has been seen as a sport or pastime for the privileged. No more. The Kirsty Coventry Academy offers affordable swimming lessons at the highest standard and it is through our actions that we will develop a better future for our children and better children for our future.

"If you want to be the best you have to surround yourself by the best." - Kirsty Coventry

We're more than just a swim school!

Our swimming lessons are targeted towards kids of all ages and abilities, as well as adults. Our coaches bring a high level of energy and passion that is important for making our lessons fun, but also in line with keeping safety as our number one priority. We believe in striving for excellence and are passionate about actively helping children to become better people through swimming, and we are proud to give people with disabilities the same opportunities and quality of coaching as everyone else.

  1. The Right Foundation: Kirsty knows what it takes to get to the top, if you are looking for the best foundation, this is it.
  2. Water Safety: Our lessons include education on water-safety principles and drowning prevention
  3. Non-Profit: You become part of the greater good because your fees help children in our HEROES program.