The most successful African Olympian in history!

 Kirsty Coventry participated in 5 Olympic Games..

5 Olympic Games

Kirsty Coventry won 7 Olympic medals in her lifetime - more than any other African in history!..

7 Olympic Medals

Kirsty Coventry broke 5 swimming world records during her career..

5 World Records


Dream. Believe. Persevere. 

When Kirsty was 9-years old she told her parents she would go to the Olympic Games and win Gold. Her first Olympic Games was Sydney in 2000. In 2004, Kirsty won her first Olympic gold medal in Athens as well as silver and bronze. The moment marked the beginning of a record-breaking athletic career, with Kirsty ultimately becoming one of the world’s highest achieving female swimmers.

She went on to win another gold and three silver medals at the Beijing Olympic Games - a shining light for her fellow African athletes across all sporting disciplines. 

Kirsty qualified for the London Olympics in 2012 and then incredibly again for Rio de Janiero in in 2016, making it her 5th games!

It does not matter where you come from...

Twice crowned Olympic champion, and with seven Olympic medals, Kirsty has won more individual Olympic medals than any female swimmer in history. She is also, without doubt, Africa’s most successful Olympic athleteand her incredible journey has inspired - and continues to inspire - young athletes across the world to pursue their sporting ambitions, no matter the odds. 

Creating ripples of relief in a country that truly needs it.

As a goal-driven and results-oriented athlete – who is not afraid to make sacrifices – Kirsty Coventry is no stranger to dedication and hard work, yet being mindful, she has always been able to recognise and enjoy the process while thriving in the moment.

But with so much to offer, it seemed hardly fair to purely focus on a competitive sports career. Plus, despite an unmatched swimming career and incredible achievements, Kirsty believes that true success is only achieved once you share acquired knowledge and the skills you have mastered. In fact, it is your responsibility to pass on these gifts, hence the existence of the Kirsty Coventry Academy and the HEROES program.